The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

Sydney is easily Australia’s most beautiful city. It is the country’s famous harbour city and doubles as the capital of New South Wales. However with so much to see and do, sometimes you need a local to guide you to its gems. There is a lot in store, from famous beaches such as Bondi to walks through the serene Harbour National Park. Then, there is the Royal Botanic Garden – Sydney.

Founded in 1816, this gem is the oldest garden of its kind in Australia. It has an outstanding collection of flora from the whole world though with a little emphasis on species from the Oceania. We think it is well worth your time.

Leading attractions at the Royal Botanic Garden

Every bit of this garden stands out. However, we think these chosen delights are a ‘must see’ when visiting.

  • The 1885 Glasshouse – This house will blow you away with its collection of begonias, hoyas and orchids flowering among tropical plants with their abundant foliage. Even more captivating, is the fernery that displays over 200 species of ferns inside just a single garden.
  • Palm Grove – Here, you will see more than 300 species of palm. Almost all of these are now very rare. They exist amongst a collection of Australian rainforest trees planted in the early 1800s, including an Australian conifer holding the record of the garden’s tallest tree.
  • Wollemi pine – This is a variety of the southern hemisphere conifer once very common in Gondwanaland. Discovered by David Noble in 1994, this pine probably is the closest relationship you will ever have with a dinosaur.
  • Cadi Jam Ora: First Encounters – This is a 52-metre garden display interpreting the Aboriginal heritage of the Sydney Botanical Garden. Lying amidst native vegetation, some as old as 200 years, this award-winning garden has stories telling the first encounters between European settles and indigenous communities.

Distance to the Botanical Garden for either Randwick or Potts Point

Our properties in Kings Cross and Potts Point are walking distance to the Royal Botanic Garden. A comment we often receive on TripAdvisor is how much our guests enjoyed the long stroll through the picturesque garden. If you want to stay closer to Randwick, our Randwick properties are about 9 kilometres away. This translates to about 15 minutes of travel time on a car and 40 minutes by bus.

The Potts Point properties on the other hand, are only 3 kilometres away. This is less than 10 minutes if you take a taxi – but if you’re up for it we suggest you take the walk!

The Royal Botanic Garden – Sydney packs wholesome natural beauty, which offers great ambiance for relaxation and education. The gardens are open from 7:00 a.m. every day and close from between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 depending on the month. The surrounding parkland however remains open all day and night, every day.

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