The ideal day in Potts Point, Sydney

Now let’s be honest, 24 hours is not enough time to get under the surface of a city, so location is key. You’ll be pleased to know we have you covered at any of our Sydney City properties, perfectly nestled in the trendy area of Potts Point.

What you may remember as dark and seedy alleyways in Kings Cross have spawned into delicious and vibrant avenues, providing endless food and drink possibilities. So to help you out, we thought we would fill you in on our perfect day in the area.

6 AM:

So much to do, so little time. I set my alarm for 6 am, feeling motivated to get in a full day of action. As the alarm reliably sets off in the morning I soon realise 6 am was highly ambitious. I hit the snooze button and go back to sleep. Don’t judge me – I’m on holidays.

9 AM: Coffee and Breakfast at Joseph Hyde, 34 Llankelly Place

On a delicious laneway and only a few minutes walk from the hotel get your day started right with a trip to this pint-sized café. What it lacks in stature it makes up in awesomeness with its coffee brewed by local roasters. Start your day off strong with the Croque and Jack - a croque madame toasted sandwich made with jalapeno-Monterey Jack cheese, smoked ham and a duck egg on sourdough - yum. Sit outside and take in the fresh morning air. It’s the perfect start to your day.

10 AM: Strolling Through the Royal Botanic Gardens

Sydney is known for its sights. Lucky for you, you’re just a 6-minute drive or 10 minute walk from the gateway that the Botanic Gardens offer to the sites of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge or the NSW Art Gallery. There are always events on at the Botanic Gardens so be sure to check out their website and see what’s happening. The free-guided walks are a highlight, where you can learn about our native flora and fauna in the gardens (these are on every day at 10.30am). Or walk back up the hill and hit the NSW Art Gallery for some culture. Once you’ve had enough of nature or culture, stroll down to the magnificent Lady Macquarie’s chair where you’ll want to take an awful grainy selfie in front of the picturesque Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Walk along the promenade all the way to the Opera House or past it – it’s worth it!

2 PM: Lunch Time at Fratelli Paradiso, 12-16 Challis Ave

Come back to Potts Point to avoid all the bumbling tourists around the Harbour and treat yourself to a nice lunch – you deserve it after all that walking around. Take a seat at the famous and perennially changing Fratelli Paradiso – literally opposite Hotel Challis. It’s blackboard specials are a go to, quickly eroding any doubts like “if it’s so special, why isn’t it on the menu?” At Fratelli, all the meals are special. It’s the perfect meal before an afternoon of relaxation as you gear up for the evening.

3.30 PM: Afternoon walk around Rushcutter's Bay to local harbour swimming spot via the cafe culture of Double Bay

Head out to Rushcutter's Bay and walk around the luxury marina's up over the hill to Double Bay and and beach and follow the coastal Manly to Bondi Walk - look out for the yellow signs painted on the footpath and street signs to a favourite after work and weekend local harbour swimming pool known as Redleaf (after the beautiful trees in the area and recently named the Murray Rose Pool in honour of an Australian Olympic swimmer in the 1950's.   Take note of the fun street art along the way inside the cafe at Redleaf.  

6.30 PM: The Apollo, 44 Macleay st OH MY GOD It’s time to eat again

If you don’t feel like eating just yet settle in at The Apollo and have a cocktail at the bar. This place gets super busy and they don’t take bookings for less than 6 people so you need to get in nice and early. After your drinks, let the inner Greek in you out. Order the Full Greek – it’s good value and transports your taste buds to Greece in a modern setting. Oh, and it’s just a few-minute-walk from the Hotel. You’re welcome. If you’ve had enough European food for one day, head to the trendy Cho Cho San just next door to the Apollo for Japanese like you’ve never had it. Alternatively, venture a little further down to Butler's - gorgeous Australian Contemporary dining in Victoria Street, with a secret view of Sydney Harbour across the rooftops of Woollomooloo.

9 PM: Drinks at the Roosevelt, 32 Orwell St

If Teddy Roosevelt were still alive he’d approve of this place. I base that on nothing but what I do know is you need to go there for some nitrogen-chilled boozing after your epic feed. What goes on behind the bar is pure wizardry, with the potions used to make the liquid nitrogen Martini the go-to beverage.

Alternatively, if you feel like some cocktails in drop into our friends at Dulcies, for live entertainment and the best of Australian spirits mixed into local coctkails, also a short walk from the Hotel.  

1 AM: Sleep in Jaw-Dropping Comfort

Time to crash, and what better way to do it than stumbling into your luxurious bed. These beds are seriously comfy and the sheets provide the comfort a pokies table does to a gambler, or a mother does to her newborn. Sleep well, you deserve it – and see you again soon!

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