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Local Picnic spots with a View

Sydney is known for it’s alfresco dining with a view, so why not join the locals in their favourite past time?   There’s always lots of places to tuck yourself away for a picnic for two or out and about with a group of family and friends to enjoy everything that Sydney Harbour has to offer right your doorstep.

Here’s our Top 3 hidden local gems for a picnic around our Potts Point location.

Once you’ve collected all your goodies from our local delis and chosen and nice drop (bottle of wine) from one of our local wine shops then it’s time to grab your sunnies, a book, some headphones and head out to find your place in the sun for a seriously good relaxing day, overlooking Sydney Harbour.



Wander down the locals pathway (between the buildings) opposite Challis Ave corner on Macleay St, just up from the Potts Point Bookshop; you’ll see a sign to Billyard Ave follow this down to Elizabeth Bay Marina or tucked away at the bottom right on the Harbour is Beare Park, which is a local favourite on “Lizzie Bay”.



The next Harbour bay around from Elizabeth Bay is Rushcutter’s Bay.  Walk down the stairs at the end of Holdsworth Ave or just head down Bayswater Road if you’re staying at our Bayswater property to the very end and walk along New South Head Road towards Edgecliff and you’ll be amazed by the amount of yachts masts bobbing around in Rushcutter’s Bay and a beautiful park to picnic.  There’s also a resident seal who comes to visit so you might be lucky to catch him.



Literally at the end of Challis Ave, Potts Point, just a short walk from our properties you’ll find the entrance to Embarkation Park.  There’s a walk that ambles around to a full view of the Harbour Bridge and the City.  A perfect spot just 2 mins from our our properties to sit and enjoy some local deli delights.