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Our top 7 hidden bars in Sydney

Sure, Sydney’s hidden or underground bars aren’t probably that secret but how fun is it to track down and enter a signless door in a tucked-away alley or go down a dodgy secret staircase to a basement bar ?! It feels immediately like an adventure and will give you a taste of Sydney’s 1940s sly grog blackmarket boom that took place during World War II.

Our own local and famous historic criminal Kate Leigh herself was sentenced to six months in prison for illegal liquor transactions in 1943!

Find our top 7 secret bars below, one for every day of the week!


44B Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross (Kings Cross Train Station)

Experience Kings Cross’ Premier Cabaret Parlour & 100% Australian made Drinking Den. This underground bar is named after 1930’s Sydney Queen of Bohemia, Dulcie Deamer. Read more


Abercrombie Lane, Sydney CBD (Wynyard Train Station)

An underground prohibition-style bar, celebrating a time when booze was banned, yet free-flowing. Walk down an alleyway, through a nondescript door and find yourself in another place and time. Read more


199 Elizabeth Street, Sydney CBD (St James / Town Hall Train Station)

Located on the corner of Park and Elizabeth, the door is marked only by a black sign with three skulls so it might take you some time to actually find it! Live music from 8 pm every Thursday. Read more


89 York Street, Sydney CBD (Wynyard / Town Hall Train Station)

Behind a fully functioning barbershop, discover this low-lit gin bar that not only offers a trim and a shave but also cheese plates and house-made sausage rolls! Read more


61 York Street, Sydney CBD (Wynyard / Town Hall Train Station)

Stitch can be hard to find, with its subtle seamstress shop front and staircase to the underground bar. We love the old 1920’s sewing machines under the bar but don’t be fooled, this drinking den is very popular and you will need to brave the crowd to enjoy their rare whiskey alongside a burger or hot dog. Read more


Down the laneway at 348 Kent Street, Sydney CBD (Wynyard / Town Hall Train Station)

Infused with the spirit of witch-doctor apothecary, home-made herbal elixirs, plenty of classic & tiki cocktails, craft beers, a smorgasbord of absinthes traditionally served, great wine, funk, soul & rituals of relaxation. Read more


16 Wentworth Avenue, Surry Hills (Museum Train Station)

Hidden behind the guise of ‘Bobby’s Boss Dogs’, a phoney fifties’ coke machine creates a secret entrance to a space you’d never expect – The Soda Factory – Surry Hills’ late-night sweet spot with American diner food and a great bar, great cheap and cheerful vibes. Read more