Why we did not choose refillable dispensers

A lot of hotels have chosen to go down the route of refillable liquid dispensers mounted to the wall, not only in public areas but also in the individual bathrooms. They claim their motivation is environmental but it is also definitely a cheaper option for hotels. At Sydney Lodges, after taking the time to seriously consider the option, this is why we decided not to opt for them and continue with individual bottles.


Bulk-soap-refillable dispensers are prone to bacterial contamination, and recent studies demonstrated that approximately one in four dispensers in public restrooms are contaminated.

Read more HERE about the "Bacterial Hand Contamination and Transfer after Use of Contaminated Bulk-Soap-Refillable Dispensers" published by the American Society of Microbiology.

Read more HERE about the research study published by the University of Arizona (UA), on behalf of Clean the World, showing a 100 percent bacterial contamination rate in refillable dispensers.


You don’t know who was staying in your room before you so we want to avoid incidents such as the Detroit airport situation where someone replaced the soap with a body fluid in some of the dispensers in bathrooms. Ew right?!


Some hotels have been known to distribute counterfeit branded toiletries or even refill the branded wall pump dispensers with a lower quality product to save money. Counterfeit hygiene and beauty products can include ingredients that have no business in skincare, like super glue, arsenic, lead or even...  horse urine (Ew?! watch episode 1 of the docu-series Broken, on Netflix!) and they are often created in completely unsanitary makeshift labs.

You don't need to worry about that at Sydney Lodges. You can enjoy our organic Ideology collection which offers ethical ingredients, safe for you and the environment, biodegradable individual tubes made from 100% recycled plastics and soap sachets made from 100% recycled paper with biodegradable inner lining.
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