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Best snorkelling spots

When you are staying in the Eastern Suburbs don’t miss the chance to go snorkelling in some of Sydney’s best underwater spots! More than 500 species roam the harbour and surrounds — from sea dragons to blunt-headed Port Jackson sharks. So jump in your flippers and start reverse floating in the crystal clear water to enjoy coral gardens and diverse marine life.

Gordons Bay – Accessed via the Coogee to Manly Coastal Walk (between Coogee and Clovelly)

The Gordons Bay Underwater Nature Trail is a self-guided scuba diving or snorkelling adventure. The trail can be compared to a bush-walking track in the wilderness, only it’s underwater. It usually takes about forty minutes to dive the 600-metre trail, or on a clear day, it’s possible to snorkel the underwater trail from the surface. Concrete filled drums about 20 meters apart linked by a chain form the trail with information displayed on steel plaques.

>>> 9 minutes by car from our Randwick Properties.+ walk along the coastal walk.
Clovelly Beach – Clovelly

With gentle waves and rock pools, this narrow bay is a great spot for snorkelling enthusiasts in the Eastern Suburbs. Swim with the legendary blue groper fish known as ‘Bluey’ amongst the locals.

>>> 9 minutes by car from our Randwick Properties.
Bare Island –  La Perouse

Bare Island is a heritage-listed islet north of Kurnell, in the City of Randwick local government area. It served as a backdrop to scenes from the Mission Impossible II movie. The waters around the island are popular for snorkelling and scuba diving. Bare Island is connected by a footbridge to the mainland of La Perouse. The military fort on the island can only be visited by guided tour.

The reefs that stretch around the island and out to the south and west are home to some of Australia’s most colourful marine animals. Things to be seen include big belly sea horses, sea dragons, pygmy pipehorses, red Indian fish and all the usual fish seen around Sydney. People have also seen seals and grey nurse sharks at times and in late winter Port Jackson bullhead sharks (don’t worry they only feed on hard-shelled crustaceans and fish!) are very common.

>>> 17 minutes by car from our Randwick Properties.
Malabar Beach – Malabar

Malabar Beach is a quiet beach in the South of Sydney. It is suitable for snorkelling on both sides of the beach and there is a swimming rock pool. This place is good for snorkelling beginners if you stay near the beach. You will get to see some Stripey, Horned Cowfish, Stingrays and Octopuses… You should find some free parking spots in the streets around the beach.

>>> 11 minutes by car from our Randwick Properties.