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Twenty-two Grams⁣

Twenty-two grams are famous for doing everything from scratch.   They pride themselves as one of the best in the business and why not they’ve been here for over a decade dedicating their love and passion to produce the best coffee, pastries, food and freshly baked bread in the area.

… and aren’t we the lucky ones?  They’re one of our locals in Randwick, just up near the City/Randwick tram line only minutes to any of our Randwick properties.

Bakers – their sourdough is made from the very basic ingredients that bread has been made for the last 3,500 years with a 36 hour process from the start through fermentation to their hand-shaped loaf.  The long fermentation process results in tastier bread that is better for us and easier to digest.

They know their coffee… from the beans, to the region, to the season and how each will affect the flavour in each cup.  22 grams is measured amount of coffee they put into each basket when making your coffee, so it’s consistently robust and flavoursome.  The aroma and taste is … actually just damn good!