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Coogee Accommodation

Hotel near Coogee where you can Stay Local

Whether you’re heading to Sydney for a much-needed beach holiday or stopping in for the week for a corporate conference, you can stay local with Sydney Lodges and feel right at home in your hotel near Coogee.

Our Randwick location is situated perfectly in between the Sydney CBD and the gorgeous white sands of Coogee Beach with lots to do including:

  • Famous Coastal Walk from Bondi Beach to Maroubra Beach
  • Iconic ocean rock pools sprinkled along the coast
  • Eclectic boutiques to suit any style and budget
  • Restaurants and cafes with everything from fish and chips, Italian, Thai, Seafood, Mexican to classy cocktails, craft beers and wine bars up and down Coogee Bay Road

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Things to Do in Coogee Beach

Our heritage-listed Coogee accommodation isn’t the only historical building in the area. Coogee Beach has been a hotspot for beachgoers since the early 1800s! Relics of the past are scattered throughout Coogee, Randwick and the surrounding suburbs.

This seaside town has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Now, you’ll find rooftop views at Coogee Pavilion and high-class wine bars like the Coogee Wine Room.

Have a picnic at one of the beachside parks with classic fish and chips or splurge on fine dining complete with caviar and vintage spirits at the new Merivale restaurant, Mimi’s. The point is, there’s something for everyone at Coogee Beach.

Don’t forget the beach itself! Protected by one of Australia’s oldest Surf Life Saving Clubs, the bright blue waters and soft, white sand makes the perfect backdrop for any sunny day. Plus, you’ll find unique rock pools at every spot along the Coogee Coastline and at either end of the Beach including:

  • McIver’s Baths
  • Giles Baths
  • Wylie’s Baths
  • Ross Jones Memorial Baths

For the adventurous types, go snorkelling with a twist with Sydney Underwater Scooter Tours. And regardless of your temperament, the Coastal Walk is a must.

Getting to Coogee from Sydney Lodges Accommodation in Randwick

Travelling to Coogee Beach is only a stone’s throw away from both Sydney Lodges locations. But, book a room at the Randwick properties for the best Coogee Beach accommodation, only 10 to 15 minutes walk down the hill to Coogee Beach (or 5 mins in the car).

Staying in Randwick for your Coogee Beach vacation offers the best of both worlds, closer to the city but still within walking distance of the sandy shore. You really can’t go wrong!

Frequently Asked Questions About Coogee

Where should I stay in a hotel near Coogee Beach?

Randwick is the best place to stay for a Coogee Beach holiday. Situated perfectly between the city and the coast, you’ll get the full Sydney experience. Don’t pay extra for beachfront accommodation when Randwick is only 5 minutes away!

Is Coogee Beach close to Sydney CBD?

Sydney’s CBD is only 9.5 kilometres from Coogee Beach, easily accessible by car and Sydney’s Light Rail offers you a door to door experience. With the Randwick Stop only 2 mins from any of our Randwick properties.

You’ll be able to enjoy both slow days at the beach and fast-paced city living with a holiday near Coogee Beach.

How far is Coogee Beach from Sydney Airport?

Coogee Beach is 22 minutes from the Sydney Airport by car.
Coogee Beach is 36 minutes from the Sydney Airport via public transport.

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