House Rules

Sydney Lodges House Rules.

Upon application, you agree to abide by the all house rules and terms of stay. A breach of House Rules is a condition that will terminate the occupancy of any guest.

Long Stay Guests must:

  • Abide by HOUSE RULES
  • Consider other guests’ right to peace and quiet
  • Pay tariff on time
  • If the Tariff is NOT paid or HOUSE RULES not followed then, like other managed accommodation services, the resident will be asked to leave. If there is a breach of HOUSE RULES which seriously disturbs the peace and quiet of other residents then the offender will have to leave immediately.
  • Non-payment of the tariff will lead to immediate termination of accommodation.

The following list of House Rules include:

1. All tariffs must be paid in advance, as agreed at upon booking confirmation.
2. Tariffs are on a case by case basis and negotiated with the applicant dependant on season and availability.
3. Vacation of the premises on departure must be by 12 pm.
4. Your room must be kept tidy at all times. Routine inspections may be carried out by management.
5. All room inventory must be signed off on, and all furniture and fittings left in good condition other than normal wear and tear.
6. Any repairs and maintenance must be reported immediately to management.
7. The occupants and visitors must ensure orderly conduct with no disturbances to neighbours and other residents.
8. Rubbish must be placed in bins daily.
9. Tidy and wipe down the common kitchen after use.

Please note that the above list is not exhaustive and further House Rules will be imposed.

A property tour and induction (including the familiarisation with all House Rules) is offered to all long-stay applicants by property management. It is here we reserve the right to further implement any additional house rules as they may become required through seasonality and/or additions to our guest house.

For further information, please contact us HERE.