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Kürtősh⁣ ⁣(Kuertosh)

Kürtősh⁣ ⁣in Randwick

Kuertosh Randwick is a landmark cafe at The Spot. It is a fantastic option for anyone visiting our Randwick area. Drop in and you will feel like you are at home, the place is just so warm and fuzzy.

Kürtősh is a pastry made in the traditional Hungarian way and is also known as a chimney cake and sold as a street snack all over Hungary. With a caramelised crispy flaky exterior and a soft inner pastry, it is often topped with syrup, nuts or chocolate. You can watch the chef at the window prepare the thin ribbon of dough, coiling it around the oversized rolling pin before rolling it again in chopped nuts, chocolate or spices (for added texture & flavour) and then baking it into sweet golden coils of deliciousness.

Another option at Kuertosh Randwick is that they create beautiful decadent cakes. There are so many yummy options to choose from. The fun part is that you get to tell the lovely team how much of the cake you want!

Eventually, you get to sample so much more by getting some small pieces to enjoy. The staff will weigh your selected slice and plate it up for you to enjoy in-store with a coffee or tea or they will box it up for you to enjoy later. The featherlight sponges and cheesecakes are perfect for eating immediately or sharing with your friends and family for any occasion.

Now with your mouth watering and your nose full of freshly baked pastries go on we dare you to drop in for a coffee and something sweet at Kuertosh Randwick and then let us know which one you decided to try first!



Address: 20B/20C St Pauls St, Randwick 2031

Phone Number: +61 2 9314 5353

Website: kurtosh.com.au



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