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Newmarket Dining Precinct

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If you’re travelling with a group and can’t decide what to eat, head down to the Newmarket Dining Precinct in Randwick, just a 5 – 10 minute walk from our Randwick properties. Certainly, you will find every taste sensation that will tantalise all the senses from every corner of the world!

There’s RaRa Ramen Noodlesthe Japanese sensation taking over Sydney, with their own Noodle Hero, a noodle-making machine that rolls out chewy fresh noodles all day and night! Next, our Italian favourite, Baccomatto Osteria, where the fresh pasta is made daily and the wood-fired pizza is absolutely superb – get this, the owner’s Nonna (Grandmother) makes her own family’s tiramisu recipe fresh every day! Additionally, there are Ribs & Burgers and Cali Press, both make great options for satisfying certain cravings. Another great option is the speciality coffee roasting house at Cafe McKenzie – with a Middle Eastern/Asian menu, plus all the usual cafe’s brunch items to enjoy whilst sitting out in the sun.

Sella Vinoteca has everyone talking about the Mediterranean flavours, drop in for a drink and stay for dinner! Lastly, there’s also Messina’s Famous Gelato, with a new flavour on offer every day to sweeten your senses before bedtime.

As you can see at Newmarket Dining Precinct in Randwick there is something for everyone! Located directly opposite the Royal Women’s Hospital and the Prince of Wales Private Hospitals



Address: 162-164 Barker St, Randwick 2031

Website: newmarketrandwick.com.au/retail



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