Sweet Spot Patisserie

The Sweet Spot Patisserie is one of those European cafes where your eyes would follow when wandering the city squares in Europe to sample a pastry or cake or two with a great coffee or cup of tea.

It’s the perfect local spot to satisfy any sweet tooth you may be having!  Salivate over trays of beautiful pastries including a staff favourite galaktoburiko, just like Yia Yia (it’s Greek for grandmother) used to make. The owners are Greek pastry chefs and they have created a special place at The Spot in Randwick that mimics the old cafes in Greece where people would meet to sit and chat over a coffee and sample the freshly baked goodies every day and then buy more to take home to share later with their families.

So many beautiful traditional delicacies to try: pastries, biscuits, individual or speciality cakes, ice cream and pies… mmm yum and it’s only a few steps from your local stay at Randwick.