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Best of What to See and Do in Barangaroo

Barangaroo – what to see and do in this carbon-neutral precinct

Barangaroo is a must-see, stocked with some of Sydney’s newest and best restaurants, shopping, culture and iconic harbour views.

Explore its Location, History & Culture

Barangaroo is Sydney’s newest harbourside precinct located on the north-western edge of the Sydney CBD just around from the Sydney Harbour Bridgewalk past Walsh Bay follow Hickson Road along the old wharves from Pier 1 to Pier 9 and you will reach the gates to Barangaroo Park,  and the cavenous Cutaway built into the sandstone walls a destination for weekend markets art and cultural events.

The harbour walk continues around past many new and chic waterfront restaurants, bars, cafes and the workplace for many, including large bankers and finance industry companies who have moved from the CBD.  Next to Barangaroo is King St Wharf, also home to many iconic restaurants, bars and cafes of Sydney fame, keep walking along the Darling Harbour foreshore and you will reach the Darling Harbour precinct and home to the ICC Sydney.

Aboriginal occupation in Barangaroo dates back to 6,000 years as it was the perfect place to fish and collect shellfish it was known for the famous Eora women who were renowned for fishing. Barangaroo is named after the Aboriginal fisherwoman who was married to the famous Bennelong who ‘worked’ with Governor Arthur Phillip, to help build better relationships between the two cultures.

After European colonisation, the arearapidly became a pivotal maritime terminal. In 2003, the site went through a big urban renewal and now offers beautiful parklands for picnics or morning runs, waterfront restaurants, shopping and indigenous tours on 22 hectares.

Barangaroo is one of only 19 projects around the world chosen to participate in the C40 Cities Climate Positive Development Program, committed to the delivery of a carbon-neutral precinct. This means all emissions from energy consumption, water use, waste generation and other on-site emissions sources are accounted for and offset to zero, making it soon Australia’s first climate positive precinct of this size.

Have a Picnic in Barangaroo Reserve

This landscaped park with beautiful native trees and shrubs shading the area and thousands of sandstone blocks to sit on that provide a natural picnic table, Barangaroo Reserve is the perfect spot for a harbourside picnic or a walk around Nawi Cove. Most sandstone blocks were extracted on-site to create the cavernous Cutaway, an art, performance and festival space that is located underneath the headland.

Look out for local markets at The Cutaway, to pick up indigenous arts and crafts plus see traditional Aboriginal dance performances.

Heading to Barangaroo South, you’ll find one of Sydney’s hottest dining and shopping precincts among gleaming towers that underscore Sydney as a key Asia Pacific financial centre.

The gem of this innovative and modern dining spot is Barangaroo House, a three-level award-winning building in charcoaled timber offering 3 restaurants including a stunning rooftop bar with water views.

Accommodation Near Barangaroo

Barangaroo is fantastic for a day or a night out, but if you want to stay somewhere with more of a local energy and doubles as a base to explore the rest of Sydney, look no further than Randwick.

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