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Rushcutters Bay

The next local bay around from Elizabeth Bay is Rushcutters Bay. Rushcutters Bay is a short walk from Edgecliff train station. Just head along New South Head Road.

You’ll be amazed by the luxury yachts bobbing around on Sydney Harbour. There’s also a resident seal who comes to visit so you might be lucky to catch him; ask a local where he usually surfaces.

The waterfront is where you will find people jogging, personal trainers with clients and a lovely cafe for a quick treat. You can hire a tennis court, or watch the local cricket/footy match on the oval. It’s a great spot for a scenic picnic overlooking the marinas, too.


This is the spot where the worldwide famous Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race was first born in 1944. Today, the race attracts hundreds of international sailing competitors. The history of the race can be found at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia (aka CYC).

Every year on Boxing Day, Sydney-siders flock to the Harbour Foreshore or the cliff and coastal walkways to enjoy a BBQ or picnic lunch and watch the yachts (of all sizes) sail down the coast towards Hobart in Tasmania. Some years it’s smooth sailing and they make the trip in about 2-3 days. Other some years the weather turns and it’s a treacherous adventure, not for those who suffer sea sickness!

There are also plenty of places to try your hand at the helm of a yacht, we wouldn’t recommend starting in the Sydney to Hobart without getting your sea legs first! There are a couple of marinas down at Rushcutters Bay offering Learn to Sail lessons, like Pacific Sailing School or EastSail so you can tick that “Sail Sydney Harbour” off your bucket list, while you’re here.

We like to offer you the best things about being a local, so here’s a little secret for those who Stay Local. If you want a great breakfast idea, head to the CYC for brunch, lunch or dinner. It’s a great place to enjoy fresh seafood or an Aussie bbq brunch. You can pretend you own one of those luxury yachts! Take your ID with you because you will be asked to prove that you live further than 15 km away from the club and it will get you in for free, as it is members only!




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