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Sydney Football Stadium (Allianz Stadium)

Allianz Stadium in Sydney | Everything You Need to Know

Allianz Stadium, also known as Sydney Football Stadium, opened in 1988 and came to be known as Allianz Stadium in 2012.

With the recent redevelopment now complete, Allianz Stadium in Moore Park is situated near Randwick and it’s a prime destination in Sydney, especially for sports fans who enjoy watching the cricket or rugby games.

Want to know more? Here, we’re sharing everything you need to know about Allianz Stadium while you stay at our Sydney Lodges accommodation.

What’s On at Allianz Stadium

Allianz Stadium has been under construction since 2018. So, currently, there are no events happening there.

However, these renovations are expected to set the stage for even better sports games, concerts and events in the future. The re-construction efforts by the NSW Government is planning a “futuristic” 45,000-seat stadium that breathes new life into the Moore Park area.

When in service, Allianz Stadium is Sydney’s premier rectangular field venue for:

  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Soccer

Plus, Allianz Stadium has also been the host of musical events including concerts featuring superstars Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Sia and U2.

Keep up with the latest news and updates about Allianz Stadium here.

Where to Buy Tickets to Allianz Stadium Events

There are a few ways to buy tickets to events happening at Allianz Stadium including:

  • At the front gates of Allianz Stadium or on the Allianz Stadium website
  • Through the event producer or on the event website
  • Through a third-party provider such as Ticketmaster

Generally speaking, it’s advised to buy your tickets to Allianz Stadium events in advance versus buying tickets at the gate.

Where to Eat Around Allianz Stadium

Finding a place to eat near Allianz Stadium won’t be an issue. There are heaps of restaurants and bars sprinkled all around the area such as those within the Entertainment Quarter.

If you’ve got a room at Sydney Lodges Randwick, classic fish and chips are always a hit for the whole family or try our local favourites to Sip Local and Savour Local.

Explore our “See Local” section to find other amazing food options around Allianz Stadium or ask our friendly staff at reception for local suggestions.

How to Get to Allianz Stadium

When staying with us Sydney Lodges, Allianz Stadium is only 2.5km from our Randwick accommodation.

Walk, drive or take the Light Rail which has a station across the road from Sydney Lodges Randwick.

  • Walk: About 25 minutes
  • Uber/Taxi: About 5-10 minutes
  • Sydney-Randwick Light Railway L2: 4 stops to the Sydney Cricket Ground/Sydney Football Stadium stop

Allianz Stadium Location: Driver Ave, Moore Park NSW 2021

Where to Stay Near Allianz Stadium

The best place to stay near Allianz Stadium is at Sydney Lodges. Randwick is within walking distance to the venue.

Whether you’re in town for a concert or the cricket, book your room at Sydney Lodges for Sydney accommodation near Allianz Stadium.